About us

BAX PHARMA is a privately owned distribution company primarily operating in the territory of Slovakia, established in 1998 as exclusive distributor of IV solutions from Baxter. Bax Pharma has evolved over the years in to the specialty, patient centric distribution company of drugs, medical devices, diagnostics and drug tests. In addition to Baxter, we have established a very tight collaboration with other large companies like Takeda/Shire, Medtronic/Covidien, Roche Diagnostics, B. Braun as well as smaller ones that have no representation in Slovakia (DiproMed, Serumwerk...).

Our main customers are hospitals, specialized treatment centers, dialysis centers while we also provide our services to the patients treated in home environment. Our main goal is to be the partner of choice in the areas we operate in while making no compromises in providing an exceptional level of our services to our partners and customers.



Infusion and irrigation solutions
Infusion solutions in glass,
Infusion solutions in plastic bags Viaflo,
Irrigation large volume solutions,
Rinsing solutions, Klysma

Dialysis solutions
Solutions for CRRT

Parenteral nutrition
3 chamber bags Olimel, Oliclinomel, PeriOlimel, Numeta
Multivitamins Cernevit, Viant

Infusion systems
Sets, IV connectors, Elastomeric pumps Infusor LV

Plasma derivates
IVIGs Kiovig, Prothromplex
Human Albumin, Flexbumin, Antithrombin

Hemophilia products
Factor VII Baxter, Recombinant factor VIII Adynovi

Inhalation Anesthetics
Suprane,Sevoflurane Baxter

Holoxan, Endoxan, Onkotrone, Uromitexan

Hemostatics Sealants
Tisseel, Floseal, Hemopatch, Coseal

Drug of Abuse Testing
Dipro Druglab products - urine screening
saliva screening, substance screening

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